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Hello Beauties!

I am sooo..sooo..sooo….EXCITED… that you are here! Let me introduce myself. My name is Vesta and I am quite new to this community of Blogging thing’. I am simply stoked to be apart of this community and even more STOKED to be able to write about the things that make my heart FLUTTER; Fitness, Health, Faith, and Lifestyle. BUT, first and foremost, I am extremely humbled to use this platform to share what the Lord places on my heart for the benefit of His people. This blog will exert nothing less than authenticity and transparency. I don’t want this to be just a blog or an article to read, but a COMMUNITY! YOUR community; A SAFE place to be EDIFIED, INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED; to GROW, LIVE, and LEARN through the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to share my life’s journey with you all; My walk with Christ, because I strongly believe that “One’s journey can be Another’s story and One’s story can be Another’s Journey…” We are made FOR one another. We are made to do LIFE together. WE are ONE in Christ. And, Created for His Glory. I pray this can be YOUR SafeHaven! Somewhere that you can relate but also, a place that helps you look a life or your circumstances a little differently, in a way that completely Glorifies God.  My Beauty, Again, I am so glad your here and I would love for you to join me.

Thank you taking the time out to read this new blog and please, like, share, and subscribe to get updates for new and exclusive content. See ya later, Beauty! <3

~ Vesta